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Monday, November 3, 2008

A busy season for two Deer Search handlers - Karma and Effi's two recoveries

Kevin Armstrong and Ron Betts are members of the Finger Lakes Chapter of Deer Search. They both are tracking with wirehaired dachshunds, Karma and Effi, who in fact are sisters. Karma is 3.5 years old now and Effi is just 8 months, and they are out of Billy and Gilda. These are their last two recoveries:

Kevin wrote: Karma's little sister Effi Betts joined her to recover this paunch shot doe. The deer traveled from 500 to 700 yards without taking a bed. This is #2 for the season for both Kevin & Karma (left) and Ron and Effi (right).

According to Kevin: Karma & Effi teamed up to make their 3ed recovery this season with this nice 9 pointer in Dundee, NY on Saturday night. The buck was hit in the hind quarter with an angle into the paunch. The trail was short and easy. Karma raced down the trail, swan a 15 yard wide creek and found the prize on the opposite bank. Effi is learning what her world is all about. She pursues her work with great enthusiasm. Good Girls!

The information about contacting Deer Search for tracking services in New York is listed here.

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