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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Price of Tracking

Kevin Armstrong wrote this nice piece:

The Price

Brand new prescription eye glasses lost in a 100 acre thicket in Wayne County; $233.00

Numbered #2 of 5 special edition custom hunting knife lost in a 300 acre thicket in Yates County; $110.00

350 minutes of cell phone overage charges, from talking to hunters with lost deer, at $.50 per minute; $175.00

Recovering eight beautiful whitetail deer that would have been lost and wasted if not for my effort; Priceless!

Kevin & Karma


Anonymous said...

I total agree with kevin post. I do charge a pretty good fee for my services. All the time and money I spend on cell phone,gas,time from work,and time from my wife and 4 kids, do not add up to much of a profit. I look at it as a hobby, and with most hobby's it cost you money and time. I love to recovery deer and that is why I do it.

Jolanta said...

At least in Michigan you have an option of charging and some of your costs get reimbursed. Here, in NY state, where Kevin is tracking, we do not have the option. Charging money for tracking is illegal unless you are a guide.