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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Theo passes hunting tests in France

Alain and Marjolaine Ridel are currently in France, where Theo has had an opportunity to take European hunting tests for teckels. Below is John's translation of Alain's e-mail. Thank you Alain for the pictures and the update! The picture below shows Alain with Theo at the end of blood tracking test.

"Here is some very good news concerning Theo. His conformation was approved (for breeding) without any problems. He also passed the gun shyness test without any problem. The voicing test on hare was a complete success and he was given a Prize I.

On the blood tracking test he was given a score of 65. On the blood track we jumped roe deer and crossed the trail of wild boars. In addition, roe deer had bedded on the cold track. As you can well imagine, Theo had to work very hard to get to the end of that track. Anyway, I’m very, very pleased with Theo."

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