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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A start to Leroy's first blood tracking season.

Just recently I posted some correspondence about mixed breeds so A.J.'s e-mail that we received on Monday was very timely. The picture shows his young Leroy, which is a beagle/walker mix.

Mr. John

Shot this deer opening day of bow season (Sept. 12). The deer ran off 150 yds, I waited one hour went and got Leroy. I put him where the deer was walking before I shot him....the scent was so strong that after he found blood he went straight to the deer...he got nose on him. I forgot Leroy was a little unsure about the dead deer, it was new to him. Later that day I let Leroy out of the kennel to go to bathroom and he took off back down the road 1000 yds where he found the deer.


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