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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blood tracking deer that was shot in the pouring rain

Scott Semrau shared this story and picture with us:

Got a call this week from a guy that shot a buck in the "pouring rain". He had 4 guys helping look for the deer with no luck. He said the blood was all washed away. WRONG! Within 30 yards Buddy showed us the blood was still visible. To the hunters dismay we jumped the buck only 100 yards from the hit site. He could not believe that this buck laid there with 4 guys getting as close as 20 yards before we came out. The hunter said he would never have found this deer because he would not have looked in that area any more. He thought it was in the next woodlot. Another notch on the collar of Festus V Moosbach-Zuzelek SW (Buddy).

Buddy has really opened some eyes, and made some jaws drop this year. Eight years old and still has the drive of a teenager. I think he would track both of us to our deaths if I let him.

Thank you Scott for sharing this story with us and good tracking!

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