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Monday, November 9, 2009

Two gut-shot deer recovered by Karma in one morning

Kevin Armstrong with Karma (recovery #4 above, recovery #5 below)

Karma has had a red letter morning on 11/8/09; in the evening of 11/7 I had two calls at home from hunters who believed they had paunch shot deer. I advised both to leave the deer alone over night and that I would meet the first hunter at day light. Thank goodness both hunters followed my advise and did not disturb the deer.

We found 2009/4 (trail 18) in less than 15 minutes, about 200 yards from the hit location. As soon as the deer was tagged Karma and I were off to Canandaigua for trail 19/2009. That deer was a bit more difficult due to the very thick swamp cover but it was still an easy recovery, less than 400 yards from the hit site. That deer was not bloated at all, indicating that the deer had been alive most of the night.

Karma and I had our celebration at Dunkin Donuts by 9:00 AM!

It doesn't get much better than this for a deer tracking team. It is so nice when the hunter listens to our advise.

This is Karma's 4th tracking season. I know better than to brag on my dog during hunting season but I have so much faith in her at this point that I rarely doubt her. It is a joy to see this wonderful little dog blossom into a first rate tracking dog.

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