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Friday, February 26, 2010

Too much snow in Berne, NY. Hawking in Ohio with a mini dachshund

First - news from Berne, NY. We are snowed in! Here in the Helderbergs, on the top of our hill we got over 3 feet of snow, and it is a very heavy wet snow. In some places the snow it is up to the top of our four foot fence. Two dachshunds went over the fence this morning into the white yonder, but luckily we managed to get them back. A local man who usually does plowing for us will attempt to plow our driveway today but I have serious doubts whether he will be able to do it. It is a long (200 yards) and narrow driveway and there is just no place to push the snow to the side. Anyway, we were without power last night for eight hours. Hopefully we won't lose it today. Unfortunately, we expect here more snow, 4-8 inches. The snowshoes are the absolute necessity here in winter. We could not move around without them.
The view from our garage

Kennels are not accessible as the snow is up to the roof and blocks the doors.

Update: Friday 9:00PM
We are doing well thanks to Jay Becker, who plowed us out. It took him two hours to do our driveway, but he succeeded, and we were able to get to the post office. We were snow bound for two days, and book orders have built up. As it turned out we don't have a mailbox any more. A snow plow that worked Helderberg Trail must have taken it down and pulled it away. Jim O'Shea, our postmaster, said that there are quite a few people in Berne in the similar situation. By the way, old timers living in Berne say that they have not seen that much snow since 70s.


This came from Teddy Moritz (thank you!):

A falconer in Ohio, Mick Brown, got cabin fever when his area received three feet of snow. Mick has recently begun using a miniature longhaired dachshund for rabbits and is very pleased with her. The deep snow prevented him from running the dog so he went to Cabela's and got snowshoes.

Here are some photos of Mick's recent hawking success. He uses a male Harris Hawk over the dachshund, Tippy. He carries the dog, drops her under the snow covered Christmas trees and she runs the rabbits out. He also snowshoes to thick briar patches and puts Tippy in. The rabbits soon come out.
The hawk is in the white metal box.

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Maribeth said...

Oh good heavens! Here in New Hampshire we have mostly had rain! I guess I should say thank goodness, as that looks like an awful lot of snow!!!