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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A new litter of hunting dachshunds out of European bloodlines

A week ago, on October 4, four wirehaired dachshund puppies (two girls and two boys) were born.

The dam is  FC Hexelein Pantel von Lowenherz "Hexel" bred and owned by Laurel Whistance-Smith. She is out of German bloodlines. Hexel's sire is Henri Anons and her dam is Gabby Pantel von Lowenherz, CDX, TD, JE.

The sire is our Tommy (FC Tom von Linteler-Forst). Tommy is two and a half years old and he has been doing really well in blood tracking training. Also this season he has placed three times in a fld champion stake at dachshund field trials.
Tommy on a late summer morning after a hard run on rabbits

For Tommy goes back to Scandinavian lines, and for his pedigree click here.

If you are interested in the puppies, contact Laurel directly at 705-277-9183 or

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