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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tracking dogs Quella and Gerti help hunters recover their wounded deer

Monday was a busy day as reports of successful recoveries were pouring in. We are still catching up. The first report is from David Bell from Ohio who wrote:

Hi Jolanta, I wasn't planning on doing any tracking tonight because of the hot weather, but I got one anyways from a die hard hunter, and off me and Quella went. The big doe ran into a field of briars which I love so much considering that I haven't bought my briar pants or jacket yet. But we went on to find this nice doe with sparse blood here and there, which was hard to see even with my big coon light. I had to restart her on blood when I noticed that she was checking for blood and clearly lost her track, but she prevailed shortly to find this nice deer. This was the young ladies first deer ever harvested and she did it with a hoyt bow.

Quella is just four and a half months old but she is already helping Ohio hunters to recover their wounded deer.

Quella with her doe.
The second report came from Chris Barr from Indiana who tracks with Gerti (a Billy/Gilda daughter):
Gerti and I had our 7th track of the season yesterday. The hunter was sure he had a rear gut/paunch hit that struck the far rear leg and broke it. He backed out without attempting to eye track. Gerti and I got there 2 hours later. With the broken leg, and predicted record heat for our area, it made it an easy decision to get right on it. It was 11:00 a.m.

The hunter wasn’t exactly sure where the deer was standing and there was no blood, so Gerti and I just started working the area. Gerti picked up the track within a few minutes, and after 50 yards with no blood, we found the arrow, confirming to me that Gerti was on it. In another 50 or so yards, we jumped the deer. We took it another 100 yards or so before the hunter was able cut the deer off and put a finishing shot on her.

This was Gerti’s 7th track, 6th deer to chew, 3rd “find”. The other three were already found, or surely would have been without our help. I guess you’d call this one a find?? The hunter just wasn’t sure how far the deer might go, which is why he called us. As it turns out, the whole thing was over within 200 yards.

The coolest thing is that this is Gerti’s 3rd “jumper” of the year.  I feel like I’m starting to read her better, and I’m definitely building confidence in her.

Gerti was instrumental in the recovery of this Indiana deer.
We love to hear that dogs out of our breeding are used for the purpose we bred them for. Thanks David and Chris, and congratulations!

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