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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two deer recovered by Axel and Greg Accardo from Louisiana

Yesterday we received e-mail from Greg Accardo describing his very busy but rewarding day of tracking.

Jola, we had a busy day. I emailed you some pics of two bucks we tracked this morning. I got a call last night at 9:30 pm about two local hunters who bow shot two bucks yesterday afternoon late. I suggested we should go out the next morning early. The first buck is a 13 pt gut shot and Axel tracked him for about 200 yds and found him still alive hiding in a briar patch, but very weak. The next buck was an 8 pt shot from the rear quartering away from the hunter with a mechanical broad head. The arrow didn't exit the deer and I don't think the broad head opened on impact. By the way, it was a Rage Broad head.

Axel, working with the Gamin Astro system, tracked this buck for about 300 yds before jumping him up and running him for another 300 yds before he layed down in a creek bottom and gave up. We had to dispatch him too. The arrow was still lodged in the body up to the fletching. Long morning and lots of ground covered and three tired men. Also, the last pics are of Axel resting his head on the back of the 8pt while he and I waited for the hunters to come back with the 4 wheeler. You can tell how exhausted he is.

Greg, great job! It looks like Axel is coming to his own. Congratulations to both of you.

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