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Friday, August 19, 2011

Tommy's second recovery of wounded deer

The 2011 hunting/tracking season is coming up in less than two months, but we have never caught up with pictures and video we took last season. The below clip shows Tommy finding the second of his three deer last year. It’s a nice 10 pointer. The deer had been shot by the bowhunter at 8 AM. The line was only 6 ½ hours old, but it was a warm, dry day and there was no blood for the last 200 yards. You will notice that Tommy acts a bit worried when he gets to the deer. The reason is that coyotes had just been driven off the kill, and they left their scent behind! Fortunately the coyotes did not do much damage. Our New York coyotes, pumped up with wolf genes, don’t wait for dark anymore.

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