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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Karl's first rabbit

Just a quick note. We got our first rabbit Saturday. Had no tracking calls so I took Karl to the park by my house. I was dressed in my brush gear and I really wanted to see if we could get some rabbits going. Karl and I were working the briars when a rabbit shot out and went into another thicket. Karl was working so I just watched. Soon Karl was on the track and went into the other thicket as well. He opened and I saw a rabbit shoot out across the stick trees with Karl a couple of seconds behind .I was listening to his voice when all of a sudden everything stopped. I thought he was working a check and I moved to get a better view. I saw Karl across the wood patch laying down. I thought the rabbit went in a hole .He wouldn't leave so I went to get him.I was very surprised when I saw Karl had caught the rabbit. I slipped the rabbit into my vest and took it home for dinner.
Darren Doran


texas hunting said...

Good work Karl...... lol

Stan said...

Rabbit dinner without firing a shot--gotta love that!