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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spider, a blue heeler pup, is showing a great potential for blood tracking

What a nice e-mail from Scott Frye. Thank you Scott!

Some time back I bought your tracking book, as I was really interested in training one for my family. I purchased a blue heeler pup, and began to train him using your methods and guides. Spider is 11 months old now. He has found 5 deer for us this year. Truth told, the first three we really didn't need his help, but he needed the experience.  

Last night he completed his second night track, first one was several weeks ago, 300 yards on new ground, with very limited blood.  Last night's track was about 175, good blood for first 25 yards, then very limited for 100, then decent last 50. He is learning very quickly, made that track last night in about 20 minutes. He sure made the job a lot simpler.  

Thank you and Jolanta for your time and dedication to this sport, I would have really floundered without your book and wisdom given in it.  

I have found there is a lot I have to learn as a handler to make him better. Big difference in handling competitive field trial bird dogs and a tracking dog. I am learning from my mistakes, and really enjoy it.

 Hope your season continues to go well. My best to you and your bride.  

Just bought the Dead On! book. Looking forward to it as well.

Another successful track for Spider!


MTWaggin said...

Very cool and Jolanta thanks for sharing the tracking stories! What an impact you all have made in the sport of hunting in general!

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