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Friday, January 27, 2012

Two mini dachshund trackers for Samantha Allen from Salisbury, North Carolina

We wrote about Samantha Allen from Salisbury, North Carolina before. As it turned out Cabela, Ollie's sister, became avialable, and she joined Sam's four-legged family. Sam wrote:

I am so happy with Ollie and her progress this year I figured if I could get a puppy close to her I would be happy. She has found 10 deer so far this season and she is almost 1 year old. I drove 4 hours to pick her sister up for our trial run to see if we liked her. It is now one month later and she is a keeper! I have named her Cabela and we are currently up to about 300 yard lines aged at 4 hours with 3 ounces of blood and track shoes. She is a little different from Ollie as she tracks slower and with great concentration, she does not overshoot her lines very far at all!  Two young dogs keep me pretty busy with laying practice lines and also taking "adventures" to different places for hiking, playing etc. to get them comfortable with all types of settings and people.

Oh, and for Christmas I received tracking shoes, a blender for churning my tracking blood, new cabinets in my garage for all my tracking items and some camo clothing!! Not too many wives would have been happy about that but I was ecstatic!!

Samantha Allen with Ollie

Thanks Samantha for sharing the gorgeous pictures of Ollie and Cabela!


Claire said...

I love puppies, but there is nothing like a mature dog. They are so easy to live with and work with.

Those pictures are just wonderful!

As a "mature" person, I love to be reminded that we all get better with time.

Dave Bell said...

Great pictures, and beautiful tracking dogs.

Samantha said...

Thank you both! They are the joy of my life. Another thanks to John and Jolanta, I would not be where I am today with tracking and my dogs if it were not for them.