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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sky's first field trials on wild rabbits in Michigan

There is a lot to write about my trip to field trials in Michigan, and I have a ton of pictures too. It will have to be done in small chunks though. So this post is just about our nine-month-old puppy Sky von Moosbach-Zuzelek SW who debuted in the field on Saturday and Sunday.
On the first day he was third in a stake of 20 open dogs, on the second day he got first place with 14 dogs entered. He was called back High in the second series on both days, and according to the Judge Patt Nance on Saturday "in his 1st series run, he looked like one of our most competitive Field Champions."

But he was not perfect, and his immaturity and young age showed. Maybe because when we left Berne two young females Bella and Summer were in heat Sky was in sexual overdrive. When he ran on Sunday for the Best of Open he tried to mount his female bracemate. This is a big no-no. At nine months his testosterone is peaking, so even though he is a really talented tracker he needs to mature before he goes back to compete in field trials.

Patsy Leonberger (left) and Mary Powell (right) were judging Sky on Sunday.

Everybody agreed that Sky is "adorable". Well...he is.

The dachshund trial format is similar to a brace beagle trial and the rules are posted at the AKC website.


Jules said...

He is definitely my favorite of your brood! Congrats again on the wonderful result (even if there were a few too many hormones involved). :)

MTWaggin said...

He totally IS adorable and the testosterone poisoning will fade eventually. We are STILL having those spikes with Sterling these days...sigh. Boys!

Lindsjö taxar said...

Big congratulations! Great job from him even if he seems to be hot sometimes :-)