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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two new products for deer hunters and trackers: Shot Simulator and Blaze Orange Toilet Paper

A couple of months ago Ray Holohan (thank you Ray!) shared his thoughts about Shot Simulator, a program for PC and an app for mobile devices. We have not tried it, but this is what Ray said:

Just thought I would pass some info on to you about a new app that is out for deer hunting, It is called Shot Simulator from Deer and Deer Hunting magazine. It cost $4.99 and is pretty cool. You can postion the deer exactly the way it looked from your treestand and pick the spot you think you hit on the deer. Then it shows the trajectory of the arrow as it passes through the deer. Then you can peel away the skin then the bones and see what organs were hit on the way through. I can't help but think how useful it might be to a tracker to explain to a hunter why we may or may not find his deer.Then it gives you tips and strategy on how you should proceed. Take a look, I think you will find it interesting.
Later Ray, Rosco and Razen

The video about Shot Simulator is available at

I can see that this app for Android based phones has pretty poor reviews so do your research..

Another product that you might find really useful is blaze orange toilet paper released under Rutt Wipe brand. The promotional video is not my cup of tea, but I think that the product has a great potential for marking blood trail in the woods. It is light, biogradable and has more than one application!


Texas hunting said...

Both the product looks really god specially Shoot Simulator.

Bob Yax said...

We in the Finger Lakes Chapter of Deer Search (NY) considered using this in the field to help hunters better understand which internal organs they may have hit. It is very cool and generally accurate, however the location of the spine above the front shoulder seems way too high. On a real deer, the spine drops down significantly above the front shoulder making a "back hit" much more likely. In the simulator, the spine is shown going straight across the top of the deer, just 3 to 4 inches below the deers back the whole way. The simulator also shows the liver lower than it actually is in a real deer.

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

Many thanks for this very useful info.