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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Deer Search team, Paulene and Braylee, recovers a deer 31 hours after the shot!

It is only a second season of deer tracking for Paulene Eggers and her dachshund Braylee, but they have already done some super work in the field.
A picture below shows Paulene and Braylee with the deer they recovered  31 hours after it had been shot. Paulene says: This took one hour and 55 minutes to find. The hunter shot it at 07:25 in the morning of  opening day, October 1. The shot was taken from a very high tree stand with the arrow passing through deer from an angle behind the shoulder and out the stomach area. The arrow had white hair on it and bright blood.
There was a small amount of blood for about a 100 yards and then nothing. The area we tracked was very dense with briars and steep ravines.  The deer was dead upon recovery and was in some very thick brush. Braylee circled the area two to three times before holding her nose up high with nostrils flaring. I then looked in the direction of where she was scenting and saw what I thought was a rock...and then saw a leg. Great job Braylee!!

Paulene is a member of  Deer Search of the Finger Lakes. To see deer and bear recovered by members of this organization go At the link there is a picture of a second deer recovered by Paulene and Braylee two days ago. Congratulations to this hard working tracking team!

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