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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Congratulations on Claudia Holohan's first recovery

Ray Holohan from Ashkum, IL, is sharing the news about his wife Claudia's first recovery. Congratulations Claudia - the first deer recovered is always very special. Not sure why Ray wanted YOU to pull out HIS deer ;-) I bet he is going to pay for his comments.

Hi Jolanta, I'm sending you a picture of my wife Claudia's first recovery with Razen Kane (and Razen's 2nd.recovery). I shot a doe in the morning. The shot was a one lung, liver hit without a pass through. The track was four hours old and 3/8 of a mile long in a 40 acre dried swamp overgrown with honeysuckle, briars and locust trees.

There was a minimal amount of blood spaced out 10-20 yards most of the way. I was busy following Claudia and Razen marking the trail with ribbon so we could find our way back to the truck. After finding the deer we went back to the truck and got my other dog Rosco and let him run the track, he did just fine on it also. Claudia and Razen make a good team with both of them getting pretty excited when they found the deer. Although I'm going to have to train Claudia on pulling the deer out as she didn't seem to know how to do that very well even though she tried. All and all it was a good track and training session. Claudia ended up getting lost for a short time while I was trying to find our marking ribbons on the trail. There was a little yelling going on back and forth til I found her. That's nothing new after 42 years of marriage.

Thanks Ray, Claudia, Rosco and Razen

First solo recovery for Claudia Holohan!

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Lindsjö taxar said...

Congrats to Claudia, good work!