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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Matt and Heidi find their first real deer

As breeders we are always thrilled to hear about first recovery done by a pup out of our breeding. Heidi (Uma von Moosbach-Zuzelek) will be six months old in a week. She is owned by Matt Sacco from Ithaca, NY. Matt is a Deer Search and United Blood Tracker member.

Hey John and Jolanta,

Heidi found her first buck tonight. A friend called me at 5:00 saying he had hit a buck an hour ago and saw the arrow clip a branch. The buck flinched and turned towards him at the last second. He thought he hit just in front of the shoulder and came out behind the opposite shoulder. The deer ran hard for 40 yards and then stopped and stood. It then walked slowly down the edge of a standing corn field away from the hunter. The hunter said the tail was twitching rapidly and thought the deer was staggering but never saw it fall. He found his arrow at the hit site and saw what seemed like a decent blood trail, but played it safe and backed out for a few hours. Heidi didn't have any trouble with the track. As we got further down the line we found 5 places where the deer stopped and stood and bled into large puddles. 225 yards later Heidi claimed her prize. Turns out the deer was hit in the neck and the arrow exited through the opposite armpit.

Heidi is an awesome dog and everyone that meets her says "what kind of dog is that?" Or "she is so cute and so well behaved". All of my coworkers love her and family members are all crazy about her. She has changed our life style for the better and She has taught me so much. You guys picked the perfect dog for us. Thank you so much for everything. 

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