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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dachshund field trials in Batavia, NY

Last weekend we drove to Batavia, NY, to attend our first field trial of the fall season. Spending a weekend at the Niagara River Beagle Club is always a great fun as beaglers there are simply wonderful. They are the most hospitable bunch; they cook and beat brush... regardless the weather. They are good friends.

For people who are not familiar with the trials some background info is needed. Field trial for dachshunds are run on rabbit, and dogs are run in braces. According to the AKC rules:
(1) The Dachshund is an all-’round hunting dog bred to find game, to pursue it in an energetic and decisive manner, to follow it to ground when necessary and to deal with it with courage and determination.
(2) Dachshund field trials are designed and conducted for the purpose of selecting those Dachshunds that display sound quality and ability to the best advantage.
(3) To perform as desired, the Dachshund must be endowed with a keen nose, a sound body, and an intelligent mind, and must have an intense enthusiasm for hunting.

The full text of rules can be downloaded from the AKC website at A good source of information about trials and video clips is a website of the Dallas Fort-Worth Dachshund Club at Also John and I have written a number of articles about dachshund field trials, and they are available at

Going back to the last weekend - it was great to see our friends after a summer break. Saturday was very wet, and I had no chance to take any pictures in the field, except for just few shots inside the clubhouse. A Saturday evening is always a good opportunity to socialize puppies, and the picture below shows our Tommy being handled by Janice Koslow and Sandy Horskin. Actually both pups, Tommy and Joeri, really enjoyed meeting new people.

On Saturday field champions were run in a combined stake (36 entries) and our Elli placed 3rd. Her son Auggie owned and handled by Sherry Ruggieri placed 4th.

On Sunday conditions were much more difficult as it was very warm and humid; it felt like being inside a sauna. A field champion stake was split into field champion dogs and bitches. Sherry Ruggieri's Csak was 4th, Auggie NBQ. Sherry's Dixie (Anja von Moosbach-Zuzelek) placed 2nd and Laurel Whistance-Smith's Lily was 3rd. The below picture shows Sherry with Dixie and Laurel with Lily braced together.

Sherry Ruggieri with Dixie and Laurel Whistance-Smith with Lily.

The Absolute Winner of the trial was Michael Pitisci's Brooke. Congratulations!

Judge Sandy Horskin is watching Brooke working the rabbit scent.

Sixty-three pictures taken on Sunday afternoon are posted here.

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