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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Joeri's woodchuck

This is Joeri with the woodchuck he killed. The dachshund is a very versatile hunting breed.


Bigshrimp said...

What's the story behind this one?

2 woodchucks in the same week!

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

Well... this woodchuck was destroying John's garden so we set a trap few days ago. Standard sized dachshunds are too large to enter fox and woodchuck dens, so we don't get too many opportunities to test our dogs how game aggressive they are. This was a good occasion. Joeri passed.

Bigshrimp said...


I'm sure there are a few farmers who would love you to test your dogs on the raccoons in their hay lofts and grain bins :o)

Good for Joeri!

Anonymous said...

A woodchuck or woodchucks destroyed my garden last year. It was sweet revenge this spring when my neighbor's English Cocker Spaniel killed a hefty woodchuck - but what about the rest of the family? Do they remain in the home range/burrows they were born in?

Question: Are there any pest control specialists using dog breeds like the wirehaired dachshund, ferrets - you name it - for commercial pest control? It seems like about as green as solution as you can get. What stands in the way?

Congrats to Joeri. He certainly seems exhilarated in the photo. He was probably channeling Hemmingway: "One kills in order to have hunted." Does he work out of state?