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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Save on Tracking Dogs for Finding Wounded Deer and Dead On!

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Born-to-track Dachshunds Calendar for 2016

For the last few years I have been doing a calendar showing our dachshunds. It used to be printed through cafepress. I was happy with the quality but not happy with commission and all the agreements that one has to sign with the company So this year we are going with Last year I tried lulu and quality of colors was actually better. If you'd like order a calendar for yourself, you can place your order at These are the images in the calendar:

The cover shows Bernie, who is now 10 years old and still very much a puppy. He is a Big Uncle, always helps us raising pups as he is very good with them.

January features Luna (Luna du Domaine du Boise) who was born on April 13, 2014. She was bred by Benoit Blanchard and was sired by FC Sky von Moosbach-Zuzelek. When she was 13 months old we sold her as a tracking dog to Tom Rausch. Tom and Luna has been tracking a lot this season, and found a number of deer and bears.

The picture above was taken during the whelping of our "W" litter, which was born on March 9, 2015. It shows our Tuesday with her daughter Willette. Five puppies were born: Woody, Waldi, Willette, Wiki and Willow.

 This is Woody, who has turned out to be a talented versatile hunter.

Waldi reminded me of the sire of this litter, Kunox. He Lives in Michigan with Ashley Roseberry, DVM.

Wiki is a tracking dog in Michigan and she has already recovered a lot of deer this season with her handler Doug Brown.

The picture above shows Mielikki (FC Mielikki Raptor), who loves to dive and swim. Mielikki was bred this year to Dachs von Tierspur (a son of our Billy). She whelped 8 puppies (our "X" litter) on July 26. Because she needed a C-section, and it was her second litter born this way, we retired her from our breeding program.

Willette von Moosbach-Zuzelek is a tracking dog in Indiana.
Willow is staying with us, and now almost 8 months old, she looks very promising. In fact she might be one of the best dogs we have ever bred.

FC Keena von Moosbach-Zuzelek is 10.5 years old and she is still tracking with our friend Dan Hardin.

These are X-puppies. The picture shows 6 of them, but actually there were 8: Xander, Xenos, Xakary, Ximo, Xavier, Xoe, Xola and Xena. Xena is staying with us.

In November Mielikki went to her new home in Maine. This is a picture I took of her while I was there. This was a very tough decision as we both were very much attached to her. This is the dog with a big personality! But she is four years old and will be able to adjust to a new life - plenty of undivided attention and love, and companionship of Bazel, a five-year-old son of Buster and Quilla.

Tommy is 7.5 years old and is now in his prime. It is pleasure to watch him track.