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Monday, September 15, 2008

Ely's first two finds

We got this message with pictures from Don Teddy from Michigan. Ely is a 7.5 month-old pup from Billy and Gilda's litter.

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how well Ely is doing. Last week bear season opened in Michigan and Ely was called into track 3 bears. The first was a fairly simple track that could probably have been handled by sight and he did a very good job with one short check during his tracking. The second was more difficult, the bear was shot during a steady rain and the hunter was not able to find any blood. Ely lost this track after a while and checked back to the original beginning and started over, he took the correct line the second time and found the bear a completely different area than what the hunter told me it ran in. We never did see any blood. On the third track the hunter was not certain if he hit the bear (he was hunting with a muzzle loader), Ely seemed to be tracking the bear for approximately 200 yards but lost the track, he checked several times trying to pick it up again but I finally picked him up. We never found any evidence of a hit. Ely is doing a great job, he sure impressed everyone so far.

Ely's first find

Ely's second find

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