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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Horses and Dogs: Move over Jack Russells…Dachshunds are taking over

I had never attended a horse show until I met Susanne Hamilton, who is a top level dressage rider and trainer. We became good friends. Susanne lives in Maine and I visited her there when I attended several workshops in photography at Rockport. I could see first hand the wonderful bond Susanne had with Buster, a dachshund she imported from Germany. I suspect that Buster was supposed to be “just” Susanne’s pet and companion, but once Susanne realized what a talented and versatile hunter Buster was she caught a bug of blood tracking and field trialling herself. Now every fall she tracks wounded deer with Buster in Maine on a regular basis.

I don’t get to see Susanne very often, but once a year I attend a dressage show in Saugerties, NY, which is only an hour drive from my place. I don’t know how she does it, but every time I see her ride, she wins. This time, it was no exception.

Susanne's victory lap. Her stallion Donauwalzer won the second champion level stake.

Buster is well known in the dressage circle as Susanne takes him everywhere; they are truly inseparable. And the way I see it, he has made quite an impact on horse people -- every year I see more and more dachshunds at the horse show grounds. So…move over Jack Russells…dachshunds are taking over. We have pictures to prove it!

Buster with his son Nimble in the pen inside the stable (2007).

Susanne with Buster and Katrina with Nimble (2007)

A scooter provides a quick transportation for Susanne and Buster at the show grounds.

No wonder everybody knows Buster there. He has his own goggles!

Tina Hinckley (on the right) owns Ike, who is a longaired miniature dachshund bred by Teddy Moritz. Tina is a dressage rider as well.

Another rising star - Quilla von Velbert - is owned by Willette Brown from Maine. Willette is a rider and trainer.

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Teddy said...

Will try this again...Susanne and Buster make a great team. Nice to see some other dachshunds as well. For the record, Tina Hinckley's Ike was bred by Susan Fuller, not me.