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Friday, September 19, 2008

"I am looking for a trained blood tracking dog"

We get this kind of inquiries quite often:
I am looking for a deer tracking dog. I do not have the time to train a dog so I am looking for one that is already trained. I have checked your web site and it looks like I am to late for this year unless you know of someone that has a older dog they would like to sell. We have two dogs now a miniature beagle in the house and a Lab outside, both good dogs but I can not find the time to train them. I have been wanting to get a tracking dog for sometime now just have not had the money or time to get on the Internet and search for one. We are dog lovers and deer hunters my wife, son and I. I have lost a couple of deer in the past only to find them after the meat had spoiled and the coyotes have filled their bellies. Any help in finding a trained pup or older dog would be very appreciated."

This is how John answered this question:

"My advice to you would be to wait until you have more time to work with a dog. Buying a tracking dog is not like buying an ATV. You have to train and work with the dog enough yourself to be able to “read” it as it works. You have to develop a working partnership with the dog. It is not at all like the retriever trial system of command/obey.

When you are tracking a wounded deer you have to take the dog’s advice even though the hunter may have told you the deer went the other way. You have to exercise and work with the dog throughout the year. It can’t be left in the kennel or on the sofa watching TV when there is no deer season. My advice would be to find someone in your area who has the time to develop a good puppy. Maybe you could give him some financial support with the understanding that he would help you out when you need to find a deer."

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