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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First snow storm of the season - no deer tracking today or tomorrow

We live in Berne, NY, at an elevation of over 1200 feet. Today we have had our first snow of this season, and this will certainly impact deer hunting and tracking in our area. We are in the middle of bow season, and the current weather conditions will affect bowhunters for sure. It is likely that by tomorrow we will have over a foot of snow. The visibility is very poor, winds are strong. Here are some pictures:

The pictures above were taken in the morning. In the evening the view was like this:

Hopefully all this snow will melt soon as in a couple of days we should be back to the weather that is more typical of late October.

1 comment:

Maribeth said...

I figured you would be getting snow! How pretty and the dogs look like they are having fun!