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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Joeri versus rabid coon

Posted by John:

We had been planning for Indian Summer, but on this October 28 we were met with a driving snow storm instead. Now we have 8 inches of snow with more coming. This is not good for old boys and dogs who were born to track.

The only excitement we have had today was a raccoon incident. Eight month-old Joeri, one of our German imports, was checking out the dense hedgerow in back of the garden when he ran into a rabid raccoon on the ground. He bayed it with enthusiasm, and the raccoon went into convulsions. We don’t think Joeri had contact, but as a precaution he will have a booster rabies shot tomorrow. I shot the coon (not in the head) and it will go to the State Wildlife Pathology in nearby Delmar tomorrow.

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