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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sara, a blood tracking dachshund from Illinois

I am a webmaster for Deer Search, and get various inquiries from hunters and blood trackers coming to that website. This e-mail came in last night.

Hi, I have a smooth haired dachshund and decided to try her out on deer tracking about 3 years ago after reading your web site. I started her out on easy track jobs. She did very well. It has gotten to the point where she leads the way, I don't need to see any blood. She has found a total of 25 deer. I'm sending a picture of Sara, the best scoring deer she has found, and myself. Thanks for all the info about deer tracking dogs. Tim Speerly from Illinois.

Thank you Tim for a nice e-mail and congratulations on a great deer! It sounds like your little dog Sara is an outstanding blood tracker.

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