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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tracking wounded big game with minis

Yesterday we heard from two handlers who use longhaired miniature dachshunds to track wounded game. First we received this great picture from Guy Marcoux-Filion who is Vice-President of the newly formed Association of Blood Trackers in Quebec - l'Association des conducteurs de chiens de sang du Québec (ACCSQ). Guy uses his mini, Cannelle, and the picture shows the team with the recovered moose.

And then we received a phone call from Rob Miller who tracks wounded deer in Michigan with Scout. It was nice to hear how much John's book helped him with selecting and training his pup. Rob has a blog where he writes about his blood tracking adventures. Check it out at
Scout is a very talented tracker and has a hig percentage of recoveries. This blood tracking team is based in Linden, Michigan, and you can reach Rob at 810-240-4891.

The picture shows Scout's first recovery of the 2008 deer season. According to Rob's description: A nice 8 point that was shot in the rear hip during the youth hunt. Eric P. of Brighton shot the 8pt. on 9/28/2008 some time during his evening hunt, he started tracking that night. They jumped the buck up while tracking so they decided to pick up the blood trail the following morning and had no luck in finding any more blood. The buck ran approximately 250 yards leaving virtually no blood and made three hard 90 degree turns and even ran down their tractor path that we walked in on. Scent trail was about 20 hours old. Scout did a A+ job in the recovery which took little more than an hour.

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Mike and Mis said...

It is so awesome to see people working their dogs and nurturing that work drive in a breed that most people don't realize are great hunters! We raise Blue Lacy Dogs and thats what we use for blood trails.

Great blog and awesome job!

~M.D. Brooks @ Bayed Blue Kennels