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Saturday, November 15, 2008

GPS and blood tracking - Andy and Arno's recovery in Maryland

Andy Bensing is President of United Blood Trackers and Deer Recovery of Pennsylvania. He is also a member of Deer Search.

In his home state of Pennsylvania tracking wounded game with dogs is illegal. You can read more about it here. But Andy is so dedicated to the idea of ethical hunting that even though he is not able track in PA he drives to do so in Maryland and New York. His name is also on a tracking permit in New Jersey.

Andy is a pioneer in applying GPS technology in blood tracking. This is a description and map of his last track in Maryland.

The hunter had shot this buck at 8 AM in the rain and only was able to track him 225m to the point of loss. We got on the line 7 hours later and Arno found a bloodless wound bed with a little hair in it about 70 meters from the pol and then took the line across a short mowed orchard 400 meters to the dead deer. The buck had not been dead for very long when we found him. He was still quite warm and had not begun to stiffen up.

Andy Bensing with Arno and the buck they recovered in Maryland.

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