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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Karma and Effi do it again!

Kevin Armstrong from the Finger Lakes Chapter of Deer Search wrote:

2008 no. 8 was an interesting trail! The deer was paunch shot at 4:30 PM on 11-18. The hunter watched the deer watched the deer hunch up and walk 30 yards and stand there with his head down until dark, about 5:15 PM. The hunter recognized the reaction as a paunch hit and backed out quietly until morning. In the morning 2 inches of fresh snow covered any trace of a trail. After 2 hours of searching the hunter called me for help. Ron Betts brought Effi and by 10:45 AM with their little hobbit feet coated with canola oil, Karma and Effi took up the track. Karma got sidetracked on another deer track for awhile but Effi go on the track right away and took it to a series of beds with blood in them. She followed the trail out of the beds for a couple of hundred yards but got a bit confused where the tracks crossed a logging road. By that time Karma was back and took up the tracks from the beds. She crossed the road and verified blood at the edge of Honeoye Creek. After a search she again found the tracks leading through the brush parallel with the creek, then to a series of beds, all with blood, down to the creek edge again. At the creek I scanned the opposite bank, then in both directions on my bank. Nothing. Glancing through the brush directly in front of me on my bank I noticed the tip of an antler. Then the whole image of a submerged deer came into view. The girls claimed their prize, 20 hours after the hit.

Ron Betts (left) and Kevinn Armstrong (right) with Karma (left) and Effi (right)

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