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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Little dogs with big noses

Kevin Armstrong's Karma and her sire Billy had a chance to use their noses in pursuit of wounded deer again.

Kevin writes: "It was 70F, sunny and dry today when my neighbor (and cousin) stopped by to tell me that at 7:00 AM he had hit a buck too far back. He only had about 50 yards of blood trail. Thinking he might have a liver hit Karma and I took up the 7.5 hour old trail in my tee shirt. The little 8 pointer made 6 hard turns on his 350 yard trail. The thick cover, hard turns, and scent from other deer in the area combined with the hot dry weather added difficulty to our tracking mission. On the third start Karma picked up a particularly sharp turn and raced the last 100 yards to her prize. Gooood girl Karma! This is Karma's 4th recovery so far this season."

In the last few days Billy and John recovered two more deer.

Above: This deer ‘s hind leg was broken, but Billy and his handler caught up with it in less than a mile. Lucky! The picture shows the hunter with his deer; Billy is tied to a tree.

The sixth recovery for John and Billy. This is a hard working team. Yesterday they were out tracking all day long. They could not catch up with the deer they tracked, and the conclusion was reached that the deer is going to be OK.

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Anonymous said...

Scout and I had the same weather conditions over hear in michigan. Scout had a hard time holding his nose to the ground to follow the cold line. For the first time in the two years of tracking I got to see him wiff his way to the buck.