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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pictures from the field

The picture below shows a year and a half old Nevada v Moosbach-Zuzelek with the deer she found for Bill Smith's (her owner) neighbor. Nevada comes from the Buster/Emma litter.

Nevada found this deer eight hours after it had been shot; there was no blood to follow at all.

And this is a nice update on Nevada's half-brother, a 2008 pup - Frodo von Moosbach-Zuzelek aka Roscoe. Roscoe belongs to Will Sims from Alabama.

"I just wanted to give you a Roscoe update. We unfortunately had a really slow archery season here but things are picking up and Roscoe is doing great. My brother shot this deer opening day of gun season and we had a great 150 yard blood trail to run. After waiting 3 hours Roscoe took us straight to this deer with no problems at all. He missed a couple of turns but quickly got back on track, it was great. I've had several calls on questionably shot deer but we've been passing on those until he and I get more experience. I think this track has really helped him put things together. I hope to have him on at least one blood trail a week for the rest of the season which runs to January 31. It was my nephews first blood trail as well and we all had a great time with it. Roscoe is doing great otherwise and is just a great all around pup."

Roscoe's first real blood trail

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