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Friday, December 26, 2008

Hi from Jim and Dozer from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan

Hi, my name is Jim and my dog is Dozer. This is my first dachshund we got him at Thanksgiving from Sian Kwa out in NC. He is five months got to get him out as much as i would of liked so i've been making him study as you can see.

He can only handle out 20 minutes, and then he gets tired.

He has been a lot of fun and we are really enjoying him. The weather has been really cold and we got alot of snow here in the UP of MI. He's doing great on overnight blood work and is a little retrieving fool. Ran a couple lines with him; he seems to do well considering he went from NC weather to 3ft of snow and 10 deg temps. I will keep you posted as soon as the weather warms up and we get out a little more. He seems to handle the cold well. He loves going out and playing with my lab in the snow which is great cause he'll get lots of cold weather work up year. Hope his retrieving keeps up; we might try him on duck hunitng with the labs next fall.

For more information on Sian Kwa's dachshunds and available puppies, see

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