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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pictures from the field

First there is a picture sent by Pete Garraway from the UK. It shows Mintaka (Bavarian Mountain Hound) with a gold medal roe buck she tracked. It was a hot scent and the buck hadn't travelled far. But even working a hound on the easy short hot tracks is more enjoyable than the shooting of a good buck.

Below is a wirehaired dachshund Dita, an Alfi/Elli daughter, with a piebald deer she tracked.

And this is Pepper Berger Von Arno Yergz who is expecting puppies any day now.

The picture below shows Desna (Blue Hill Ashley), a Billy daughter, owned by Amanda. According to Amanada "desna has done amazing this year. She's tracked 5 deer and done great. My husband and my cousin were hunting together and my cousin Mat shot a deer right before dusk; he shot it in the hind quarters with a bow. He was having trouble finding blood. My husband called me to bring Desna up to where they were. We got there and started her on the line, she was following it strongly with me and Mat in tow, now finding the blood that Desna was following. She stopped and locked up, and started to act strange. She had come upon the deer still alive, and they could not get a clear shot at it to put it down. The deer continued for about another 1/2 mile (this being after we had already gone about 1/4 mile tracking the deer) finally they came on it and had a clear shot to put the deer down. But she did so great.

With her training, she seems to know the difference between the "training lines" vs. "real lines". She doesn't work as hard on the training lines and isn't as excited as when I tell her we are going to find a real deer.

Personality wise I couldn't ask for a better animal, she is the greatest companion I could have ever asked for. Too smart for her own good!

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