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Saturday, February 28, 2009

How we raise our puppies - our puppy journal

Six weeks ago we started a puppy journal, which is set up as another blog at It is updated daily (well... almost daily) and shows how we raise our puppies. Right now Emma's puppies are six weeks old; they are precocious and active. This spring we will have two more litters - we expect Keena's litter in 4.5 weeks (yes, she looks pregnant), and Gilda's litter in 6 weeks. These two litters will be also included in the puppy blog.

The puppy journal was not created to sell more puppies. We always have a long waiting list, and pups are spoken for even before the breeding takes place. For example - we are not taking any more reservations this year. However, blogging is a good way to keep a record, share our experince with others, show how we do things, what works for us and what does not. Also future puppy owners really appreciate that they are able to see how "their" pups grow and develop.


Maribeth said...

Back from Germany after a good breeding of Anneliese.

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

That’s great news about Anneliese and Isegrim’s breeding. You persevered and you did a right thing. We need new bloodlines in this country so this is a very good development. I hope pups go to serious working homes. I’d be happy to post an announcement about the breeding, the way I do for other breeders. I can take info on Isegrim off his breeder’s website. Could you e-mail me two pics of Annelise? I know you have only hundreds of them :-) Something that would show her body well (standing on the ground for example) and then a close-up of her face.