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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just an ordinary day

Today we are going to take a break from writing about blood tracking, and I will just post few pictures snapped outside. It was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine, and the snow was thawing. I am sure that this is not the end of our winter, but nevertheless, it was a nice break.

The day started early and brought a surprise outside the window. I was having my morning coffee when I spotted a coyote trotting outside, thirty yards from the house. All the dogs were inside and quiet, and the coyote was acting with confidence. I am not fond of coyotes, but it was a beautiful specimen, full of grace. It investigated our yard, and then slowly trotted by our pond, back to the woods. Of course, my camera was in another room, so I just watched. Later I went to investigate the tracks:

The right track was left by the coyote on its way to our place and the left track was left on its way back to the woods.

We have had a really bad winter here this year, so today was a pefect day to take our puppies outside. They are just five and a half weeks old, and it was their first real trip outside. Pups had a great time, and did not mind snow or cold wet grass.

Dogs enjoyed exercise outside; they ran, and they played. Below you can see Keena and Asko chasing each other.

Joeri is one of these dogs that love to roll in the snow. It was warm, and he surely had fun.

Not too many people know that besides 11 dachshunds we also have a beagle. Rip is almost ten years old now; we got him when he was just eight weeks. There are many types of beagles, and Rip is a 15" SPO (Small Pack Option) hound. We have never tried to blood track with him, but he is very good on rabbits. Tommy and Rip are good buddies, and they both can play pretty rough. So far so good, but sometimes Tommy goes too far, and then Rip just gives a loud growl. It was not the case today. They just played and did a lot of chasing and body slamming.

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