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Sunday, April 26, 2009

NATC Spring Seminar and Zuchtschau

Dates: Thursday, 28 May through Sunday, 31 May

Zuchtschau Judge: Agnès de France - President of the French Dachshund Club

Presenters (in alphabetical order)
Andy Bensing – Dog trainer, DTK/NATC hunting judge, and President of the United Blood Trackers.
John Jeanneney – Author of Tracking Dogs for Finding Wounded Deer, DTK/NATC hunting judge and founding member of the NATC, Deer Search and United Blood Trackers.
Lisa Kennell - Canine Enforcement Officer, Procurement Officer, Instructor and Course Developer for the US Customs and Border Protection Agency, expert on scent detection and tracking.

Seminar topics will include hunting, canine scent work, blood tracking, obedience, gun steadiness and water retrieval.

Training and testing will be offered for blood tracking, obedience, gun steadiness and water retrieval.

A Zuchtschau (conformation show), where dachshunds can receive written critiques from an FCI judge, will be held on Sunday.


May 28-29, (Thursday all-day & Friday AM)
Blood tracking covering the following topics:
• Blood Tracking as a Handler/Dog Team, PowerPoint, John Jeanneney (Techniques of tracking, handling the leash, reading your dog.)
• Laying a Blood Line, Andy Bensing (practice in the woods.)
• Working with Young Puppies, Powerpoint, John Jeanneney
• Intermediate training, 5-8 months, Andy Bensing
• Adolescence, John Jeanneney
• Work Available Dogs on Demo Lines, Andy Bensing and John Jeanneney
• Working with Hunters, PowerPoint, Andy Bensing with John Jeanneney
• Prospects for tracking wounded deer in New Jersey in 2009-10, Rich Wolven

May 29, (Friday PM)-
Scent work, “Understanding and utilizing the dog's olfactory system”, Lisa Kennell

May 30, (Saturday)-
AM: Official DTK/NATC blood tracking tests.

Training and practice for BHP-1 and 2 (German companion dog tests that combine some aspects of the AKC’s obedience and CGC tests)

PM: training & practice for BHP-3 and water retrieval test

May 31, (Sunday)
AM: Official DTK/NATC Zuchtschau (conformation evaluation) by Mme Agnes de France, a DTK conformation & hunting judge and Dachshund breeder

Followed by BHP-1 and 3 tests, water retrieval test, and gunsteadiness test

In addition, there will be evening presentations by Mme de France on hunting in France and on conformation from the FCI point of view. These presentations will most likely be held on Thurs and/or Friday night.

For the registration form e-mail Carrie Hamilton at

Registration fee per day* -
$40.00 dog and handler team ($30.00 for NATC members)
$25.00 additional dog
$30.00 attendance w/o dog ($20.00 for NATC members)

Registration fee all four days* -
$100.00 dog and handler team ($75.00 for NATC members)
$25.00 additional dog
$75.00 attendance w/o dog ($50.00 for NATC members)

Test and Show fees*:

DTK/NATC 1000 meter Schweiss & Fährtenschuh (blood tracking) test fee is $60.00. Dogs/handlers must meet certain preconditions**. NATC 500 meter test without judges at $30.00 may be offered depending on the number of dogs entered in the 1000 meter tests.

Zuchtschau advance entries: First adult dog $20.00, puppies $15.00, each additional dog/same owner $15.00. Gate entries (day of event): $25.00

Gun steadiness, water test and companion dog test (BHP-1 and BHP-3 will be offered) advance entry is $5.00, $10.00, and $10.00 (for each part), respectively. Gate Entries are $10.00, $20.00 and $20.00, respectively.

* Advance Entry / Closing Date: May 21, 2009 – Register early as space for certain activities may be limited. Registrations will be accepted on the day of the workshop but for anyone training a dog, registration on the day of the workshop or postmarked after the closing date will be charged an additional $25.00.

** Handlers who have already obtained a JGHV/DTK/NATC blood tracking title on one of their dogs may enter other dogs in that test. For novice handlers who have not put a title on a dog, the following are ways to demonstrate that you and your dog have reached a basic level of proficiency: 1) passing an NATC 500 meter test, 2) having a certification for your dog from another acceptable organization such as the United Blood Trackers (UBT) or Deer Search Inc (DSI), and 3) arranging individually for an NATC judge to observe and attest to your dog’s preparedness.


Location: The seminar and show will be held at Winnebago Scout Reservation, 102 Timberbrook Rd., Rockaway, NJ. Camp phone number is (973) 983-9075


From Rt. 80 east, take exit 37 (Hibernia/Rockaway). At end of ramp there is a traffic light. Make a left onto Rt. 513, Green Pond Rd. Go 6.5 miles on Green Pond Rd. to Timberbrook Rd. Make a right onto Timberbrook Rd. and go 1.3 miles to camp entrance.

From Rt. 23, take the Green Pond Rd. exit. Take Green Pond Rd. (Rt. 513) 5.1 miles to Timberbrook Rd. Make a left onto Timberbrook Rd. and go 1.3 miles to the camp entrance.


Best Western, (973) 625-1200 or 1281
Rt. 80 and Green Pond Rd. Rockaway, NJ (a.k.a. intersection of Hibernia Rd. and Rt. 80)

Dogs allowed; $25 per dog per night.

One king bed per room, with pull-out couch, $79


Hampton Inn, Morris Ave, Denville (just off Rt. 80 exit ramp)

No dogs in room except service dogs.

Room prices vary according to day of the week and whether the customer has AAA or AARP:

May 27 Wed. AAA $151.05 + tax, AARP 143.10 + tax, Regular rate $159.00 + tax

May 28 Thurs. AAA $122.55 + tax, AARP $116.10 + tax, Regular rate $129.00 + tax

May 29/30 Fri/Sat AAA $75.05, AARP $71.10 + tax, Regular rate $79.00 + tax

For those that don’t mind more rustic conditions, space can be reserved in one of the camp bunkhouses (bring your own sleeping bag or bedding). Cost to stay in the bunkhouses is $25 a night or $70 to stay for the entire seminar. There is RV parking but no hook-ups. Cost for RVs is $15 a night or $50 to stay for the entire seminar.

Meals: Meals will be available on site at $5 for breakfast and $7 for lunch.

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