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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pictures of youngsters

This great picture shows a five-month-old Rudi with his owner John Odom from Louisiana. Rudi comes from Mike Yerger's breeding of his Hanna to our Billy. I got a very nice letter from John who writes:

"Rudi weighs about 16 lbs now and is still growing. He hasn't voiced on the bunnies yet, but his nose is very good. I made a rabbit hunt the first weekend in February and brought home some skins to drag in the yard. We experimented with blind drags with Rudi and he was right on track. I did that several times before deciding to give him a shot at the real thing. He made two hunts, the last two Saturdays in February. We were hunting with beagles and Rudi ran with them some, but not too much. He primarily hunted on his own, but was not hesitant to move on out and not just stay near me. Rudi was presented to me on Christmas Eve. Gale had already given me a drahthaar pup the week before, so Rudi had a "big brother" from the start. I've never seen two dogs play harder. We were really fortunate in that regard, because until Jaeger (the drahthaar) went off to the trainer's two weeks ago, Rudi had an automatic workout partner every day.

Rudi is very heavily muscled on his front legs and shoulders. His coat is much, MUCH tighter than our first wirehairs (from German stock we had brought from Germany) and I'm hopeful that his beard will continue to grow in and he'll get a little "bushier". From what I can see from the photos of Billy on your website, Rudi's coat is almost exactly like Billy's -- very tight and short on his body. Rudi has one other wirehair at the house to get along with (Rommel -- 14 years old). Rommel sort of tolerates Rudi, but things are reasonably OK on that front. Old dog - new dog, but that's working itself out. What a pup!!!"

We received the above picture from Steve Kremp who has two female teckels. The one on the left, Ruby, is just five months old and she comes from Gail Berger's breeding od her Pepper to our Billy. The one to the right is four and a half year old Dita (Danica von Moosbach-Zuzelek), who is Billy's younger sister.

The two pictures are of Ruby's brother, "Duggie", who is owned by Mary Lorah from Ohio. Mary wrote three weeks ago: "I have had him out on 3 trails short straight and saturated in deer blood at first we did just the blood he was all over the place. I then on the next two put small pieces of deer meat along the line with the blood. This worked great showing him to follow the sent for rewards. Today as you had suggested we took him to the woods and I laid a trail dragging a piece of liver along side the woods for about 45 yards then cut to the left thru the woods for another 15 yards. I let the trail age for 10 to 15 minutes before bringing him to it. He would go up the trail, then back tracked then back up and back tracked again, I let him work it out it took just moments for him to go the right way. He followed the trail as if he was being led down it, when he got to the turn he overshot it by about 5 feet but came back looking for it, circling the turn, he picked back up on it quickly went thru the woods and got his prize of liver at the end. My husband had not seen him work any of the other tracks, and boy was he excited when he saw what he could do at this young age already!!"

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