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Monday, April 13, 2009

Tracking wounded oryx in Texas

We received this great picture from Roy Hindes from Texas. John asked Roy: "I've heard that oryx horns like that spear a lot of Jack Russells in Africa. I'm glad the Big Blue Dogs know enough to stay out of the way!".
Roy's responded: "Truth be known, I received the call on this animal the evening before, and they had already trailed it a long way. I have also heard about how bad Oryx are to charge and kill a dog so I decided to wait and trail him up the next day, possibly finding him dead. We did indeed find him dead with Otis. So I still have not seen an Oryx bayed alive. I really doubt they are more dangerous than a whitetail buck."

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Hog Hunting Texas said...

Great hunt and photo thanks for sharing.