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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NATC Blood Tracking Test - May 30, 2009

On Saturday, May 30, the North American Teckel Club held a blood tracking test at Rockaway, NJ. The test was judged by Mlle Agnès de France, Andy Bensing and Teddy Moritz.

According to the regulations the blood line is 1000-1200 meters long, has three right angle turns and three wound beds. No more than 0.25 liter of blood is used for the line preparation. The dog has to track on the special tracking leash, which has to be at least 6 meters long.

The evaluation of the dogs at the blood tracking test is accomplished with multiplier and score numbers. The following categories of performance are tested and evaluated as follows:

A) Working method on the blood line (multiplier 10)
B) Tracking accuracy (multiplier 8)
C) Desire to track (multiplier 7)

Performance is evaluated as follows:
Unsatisfactory score 0
Insufficient score 1
Satisfactory score 2
Good score 3
Very good score 4

For the I Prize the minimum required total score is 85 points, for II Prize 68 points and for III Prize 50 points.

Above - Billy handled by John Jeanneney got III Prize , 60 points. Below - Owl handled by Patt Nance got III Prize, 50 points. The judges were Mlle Agnès de France, Andy Bensing and Teddy Moritz.

Congratulations to handlers and their dogs. A big thank you to Andy Bensing for the pictures.

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