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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

News from Germany about Joeri's family

Our Joeri was bred by Rosi Bauersachs from Germany. Few days ago we received e-mail from Rosi's daughter Anne, who wrote about recent accomplishments of Joeri's siblings. Thank you Anne and congratulations!

In the last two weeks Jette and Justus at tented two tests. First they went to our Begleithundepr├╝fung. They completed the whole test (BHP-G: water, obedience, searching for the owner). Jette was the best dog of the day with the whole points (220 points). Justus have had 192 points and also a first prize.

Few days later they both were entered in a blood tracking test. Justus and Jette got a first prize (Justus 100 points, Jette 92 points); in addition Justus was the best of the day. Moreover, Isidor (Ilena's brother) and Joschka (Joeri's brother) passed the fox-earth-test last week.

We are proud of the teckel and their owners.


Above - Justus and Jette, Joeri's littermates

Below - Jette, Ilena and Kobolt. Jette and Kobolt are Joeri's siblings and Ilena is Joeri's dam. Kobolt comes from the 2009 litter that was a repeat breeding that produced Joeri.

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