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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Deer Search Blood Tracking Workshop

This is a long overdue short report from the Deer Search Workshop written by John.

On June 14 six new handlers from the Founding Chapter met for a workshop on training and using dogs to find wounded deer and bear. The event took place at the club house and grounds of the 110 Rod and Gub Club in Dutchess County. Deer Search Blood Tracking Chairman Bill Siegrist and John Jeanneney offered indoor presentations on training and natural tracking tactics.

About half of the workshop took place outdoors in the rough terrain and woods around the club house. Training lines were laid for three Jagdterriers and three wirehaired dachshunds. There was a good opportunity to compare the working styles of the two breeds. Of the Jagdterriers (who all worked quite fast) Lou DiBiase’s Hunter did the best job of staying on the blood line leading to the deer hide.

Mariel, a wild boar wirehaired dachshund owned by Beth and Gentian Shero, followed her blood line with precision (Beth and Gentian are daughter and son-in-law of John Robinson, who is an experienced handler). Both of the dachshunds handled by Gentian and Beth showed great promise. Obviously the two young handlers had profitted from good coaching by the Old Master.

Barbara Schmidt and her boyfriend Bill made the arrangements at 110, and provided the good food that kept everyone going.

Jagdterrier (above) and Wirehaired Dachshund (below) - pics taken at the workshop

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