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Saturday, July 4, 2009

A video of a blood tracking wirehaired dachshund puppy working a deer liver drag

Today we have been working with our wirehaired dachshund puppies, and decided to post a video clip of the best track of the day. Grock is 13 weeks old today, and he worked a deer liver drag, which was 2 hours old, around 200 yards long. There were many turns and you can see them marked with red flags (Grock did not see the flags the way they were placed). There was a breeze, and temp was 70F.

Grock is still very much a puppy; you can see it when he comes across a piece of the black plastic and starts to carry it. But his nose made him follow the scent line regardless distractions. He had a lot of trouble in one spot when he had to take a right turn into the wide open path, where there was a strong breeze. Otherwise he nailed it, and you can see really well how he corrected himself at the checks. He tracks at a high speed but so far he has been quite precise. For that performance we gave him a 9 on the scale of 0 to 10.


Anonymous said...

That looks great. Really nice to watch. That pup sure looks like a nice one.


Bigshrimp said...

Wow....that's some quality work for a young one!

Looks good on your breed lines!