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Sunday, November 8, 2009

First blood tracking season for young dogs and puppies

There is no better way to train a pup or a young blood tracking dog than to take her on easy tracks of real wounded deer. We have already had a number of posts on this topic this year:

Below are the examples of young dogs and puppies working in the field:

Chris Barr from Indiana wrote a week ago:

Today I shot a small buck and as luck would have it, it only ran about 40 yards before going down. I wanted another good training track for Gerti so while my buddy went to my house to pick up Gerti and my tracking gear, I took some of the blood that I collected from the deer when I gutted it and extended the blood trail another 80 yards or so in the direction the deer came from. Gerti didn’t seem to mind that the blood track started 80 yards prior to the hit site, she was just tickled to have another deer to maul. It was 9th natural track, 3rd deer to chew.

Kyle Stiffler from Michigan has a young puppy Misty (Berta v. Pfauenbrucke bred by Andy Bensing) and you can see her working an easy track here. His more experienced tracking dog is two and a half years old Moose (Moose v Moosbach-Zuzelek).

Kyle says: The track in the video was only 2 hrs old & about 150 yards long. Fortunately for me the heart shot was not a challenge. But she followed it with very good accuracy & she loved the find. She knows when it is tracking time as does Moose when ever I put on my tracking pants. She even got another track for me last night, also an easy track with too much blood. She has worked 7 tracks so far.

Misty is a sweetheart with a very good tracking drive. It is great having an opportunity to only track her on found deer as Moose tackles the hard tracks. We have been having alot of fun with a new baby in the house. Although sometimes the extra energy at bed time is a little too much.

Kyle, Kelli, Misty and Misty's buck

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