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Monday, November 16, 2009

Karma finds a paunch-shot deer that was pushed too early

Kevin Armstrong wrote that "it was an interesting recovery. The hunter had pushed the paunch shot deer way too early and drove him several hundred yards on the afternoon and evening of 11/15/09. In the morning on 11/16/09 the trail was lost where the deer entered a standing corn field. By the time Karma and I arrived, in the mid afternoon the cornfield had been cut. Karma picked up the deer's trail on the marked line from the evening before and interestingly followed it from 20 to 40 yards off the bloodline. We went 1/4 mile with Karma pulling hard all the way, out of the clover, through a thicket, through the hardwoods to the standing corn which was now a field of corn stubble. Karma pulled hard down and across the corn stubble. At the opposite edge of the stubble field and the edge of another thicket lay the prize just feet from where the tractor and corn harvester had gone.

The elated hunter and I praised Karma as we had a little photo session.

The more I track with Karma the more I'm coming to believe that the scent trail is more a broad plume of scent rather than a narrow line of scent. Like wood smoke from a neighbors fireplace wafting through the neighborhood.

At times Karma was nearly 50 yards from the known blood line but she clearly had the scent in her nose and was just as excited as she would have been running through puddles of blood."

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