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Friday, November 13, 2009

Longhaired and smooth dachshunds can track too!

From time to time people ask us whether only wirehaired dachshunds can be used successfully for tracking. We addressed this question in the past - see

Rob Miller from Michigan has been very successful tracking with a mini longhaired dachshund Scout. He writes about his blood tracking adventures in his blog Just last weekend he recovered two deer on one day! Congratulations to you Rob and Scout. Great job!

Rob has just acquired a new puppy that he is going to develop for blood tracking. It is a standard smooth dachshund bred out of European hunting bloodlines by Sian Kwa from North Carolina. More information about the litter that Rob's pup comes from can be accessed here.

Jim Mayer from Michigan has a year old pup bred by Sian, and Dozer found his first deer two weeks ago. Dozer is showing a very good potential, and Jim is proud of his dog who recently was able to advance a difficult trail with almost no blood. You can read about Jim and Dozer's tracking at

Patt Nance reports that longhaired standard male Odin out of her breeding, who is owned by Stan & Alecia Wenner of North Carolina, is also a successful blood tracker. Pictures of his finds are posted on Patt's website at

It is not the type of coat that matters but what kind of blood lines a dachshund comes from. You maximize your chance of getting a good blood tracker when your puppy comes from hunting bloodlines selected for working attributes and functional conformation over many generations.

This year's first recovery for Jim Mayer's Dozer

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Jolanta, I just wanted to say thank you for posting my info. I injoy reading both of your blogs. I check everyday to see what is new. Rob