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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deer Search and the 2nd Amendment Advocacy Day in Albany, NY

Today is the 2nd Amendment Advocacy Day in the NY State legislature in Albany. Deer Search has a booth at this event, and John and several Deer Search members are attending the event. For the last two days I worked on getting two display boards ready.

The first board is on Deer Search

The second board message deals with the issue of firearms and this is what the text on the board says:

"The Deer Search experience has revealed another reason why firearms, and especially handguns, are a necessity in modern, civilian life. Deer Search has a reason to reject the theory that today the Second Amendment on the right to bear arms refers only to the descendants of a “well regulated militia”.

When Deer Search handlers are called upon to tracked wounded deer and bear, quick, reliable shots are occasionally needed to stop an aggressive wounded animal. The photos show what can happen when a handgun is not accessible.

At all times Deer Search handlers are ready to shoot a mortally wounded deer to end its suffering and secure the meat for the hunter."

Pictures at the bottom of the right panel show what can happen when a wounded buck charges a tracking team. In this case it was John and Sabina who were injured, and you can read about this incident in the second part of the article on Sabina

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