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Monday, January 18, 2010

Randy Vick, Lil' Brown and Annie - a tracking team from Georgia

Few weeks ago Randy Vick from Georgia sent us a nice letter along with pictures. We wrote about Randy before . His two tracking dogs are Lil' Brown, a Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound, and Annie, a Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur.

"Dear Mr. John and Ms. Jolanta,
Here are some pictures of Lil' Brown and Annie. They are both doing great, though they have completely different tracking styles. Brown is as laid back as they come, almost doesn't need a lead. He's pretty good in the water (lots of flooded timber and creeks here). At the age of 3, he has several 16-18 hr successful tracks.

My Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur, Annie, (Osteen's Yellow Anne) is 5 years old and is the star tracker now. She pulls hard on track and can handle 6-8 hour old tracks. She will wind a deer exceptionally well and when released will bay a live or dead deer and stay with it until you arrive.

The picture of Brown was a "practice" track that turned into a four hour adventure. We jumped the deer on an island in waist deep water and later found it floating in the river. It score 158+ B.+C. points. The guys were proud of Brown, who swam along and came out of the water right on the trail.

Lil' Brown with Randy Vick and Larry Williams (hunter)

The pictures of Annie (below) are from a six hour old track that was 1.25 mile of going down the creek and looping back across his own track (3 times), picking up another deer to run with (when the deer split up, Annie stayed with the right deer) across open fields and grown-up cut-overs, until finally we found the deer in this swampy area. Needless to say, Charlie thought Annie was the greatest.

Have taken about 50 calls so far and recovered 21 deer. I try to split calls between dogs and still have 2 weeks in Georgia and 2 months in Florida."

Charlie Hester with Randy Vick's Annie


heather said...

Thats my daddy..Charlie T.I love u!!!! your daughter Heather Hester Golden

heather said...

Thats my daddy...Charlie T! I love u...your daughter Heather Hester Golden