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Friday, February 19, 2010

Hawking with Teddy Moritz - hunt hard, kill swiftly, waste nothing, offer no apologies

In the United States dachshunds come in two sizes (minis and standards) and three coat varieties (smooth, wirehaired and longhaired). Teddy Moritz from Rockaway, NJ whose bumper sticker says "hunt hard, kill swiftly, waste nothing, offer no apologies" is a falconer, and she uses her pack of minis to hunt rabbits. More info on Teddy is given in the article published by Outdoor Life. Here are some recent pictures taken by Brian Bradley - thank you Teddy!

Harris Hawk 'Gripper' watching dachshunds work.

Gripper and rabbit dachshunds flushed.

Teddy with Tar and Fitz after some hard hunting.

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